Storytelling and Musical Programs

Participatory Programs for All Ages

Around the World with Stories
Interactive songs and stories from allover the world will get you singing and jumping for joy.

Time Will Tell
Humans are a storytelling species. Find out why with brilliant stories and songs, including your own, spanning the ages from the beginning of time.

Stories by Nature
Ecological tales and songs make it easy to connect with and help the natural world.

Robert Munsch Medley (Children and the Young at Heart)
Roar, wake everybody up and defeat the dragon with awesome stories by Canada's favorite children's author.

Musical Storytelling Programs with World Folk Duo, Kouskous (Gary Cohen and Amber Woods) or solo

Jewish Love Songs and Stories
Experience diverse perspectives on love through vivid words and beautiful melodies inspired by major Jewish cultural figures, philosophers and storytellers. When combined with Kouskous, enjoy the language of love in exquisite Ladino (Judeo-Spanish), Hebrew, Yemenite-Hebrew, and Yiddish songs.

Hanukah Songs and Stories
Bask in the glow of the musical tales that bring Hanukah to light. Experience stories that warm the heart of young and old woven together with Chanukah songs from Sephardi (with Kouskous) and Ashkenzi traditions.

Stories A la Carte

The Princess and Her Beloved (Adults and mature children)
Experience the miracle of love's triumph over adversity. Adapted from Penninah Schramm's "Jewish Stories One Generation Tells Another"

The Innkeepers Wise Daughter
Enjoy a delicious riddle tale told and sung with flare allover Europe, China and the Middle East.

The Children of the King
A little wishful thinking goes a long way in this brilliant tale collected by folklorists from Libya to Iran. Based on a version collected from Tunisia by Penninah Schram.

Soap, Soap, Soap
An Appalachian Folktale about memory, Tennessee mud, and a mighty river told with a rhythm that is impossible to resist. Based on a version by Mike Lockett, the Normal Storyteller.

The Star Globe Map (Adults and mature children)
Travel through time and discover what really matters from the West Coast of North America to the heart of Italy. A personal narrative by Shoshana.

When you hear the bell, look over your shoulder. You, too, may have sprouted wings, but only if you change yourself for the better first. An original tale by Shoshana.

The Banza
A brave little goat and her friend the tiger will get you singing a wild song that will do your heart good. Based on a Haitian tale retold by Diane Wolkstein, (z"l - may her memory be for blessing).

Something From Nothing
Joseph's Grandpa can fix it! Based on a Jewish tale retold by Phoebe Gilman and many others.

Play the World Awake
Sing and dance to awaken each other and the world while you fly like a bird, leap like a frog, swim in a lake and toss the best skipping stones ever. Melody, choreography and lyrics by Shoshana.

Can You Spy the Signs? (Ages 5-12)
Poems, songs and treasure hunts celebrate walking to school year round. Artwork and lyrics by Miesje Taylor, lyrics and melodies by Shoshana, and graphic design by Sandra Jones.

The Spirit of the Colquitz
A spunky nature spirit learns how to heal her river in this ecological tale based on a story by Diane Edgecomb. Adapted by Shoshana in consultation with Songhees and Esquimalt Band Offices for the Strawberry Vale Watershed Festival.

The Noisy House
Everyone has a role to play in the greatest gift of all: contentment. Adapted from stories by Syd Lieberman and Margot Zemach highlighting Eastern European village life.

Meat and Milk
This interactive story features delicious food and reconciliation between two ways of being. Based on a parable by Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach and Martin Buber.

Autobiography in 5 Parts (Adults and Wise Kids)
A revolutionary tale you can count on from the Tibetan Book of Living and Dying.

The Monk and the Fly (Adults and Wise Kids)
Gratitude rules in this brilliant Asian tale collected by Margaret Read MacDonald.

The Fox and the Lion
Quick thinking rescues captives in this parable adapted from the Ben Ish Chai, the 19th Century Rabbi of Baghdad.

Chelm Stories
Tales of holy fools invite listeners to share their own stories.

Choose Heaven
A scrumptious Chinese, First Nations, Jewish story about cooperation that launched Shoshana on the Maggidic path in Chicago in 2006.

Jerusalem (Adults and mature children)
Walk in this ancient city holy to Muslims, Christians and Jews and discover possibilities for peace. A personal narrative with original melodies by Shoshana.

The Place (HaMakom)
Make a walking beat with your feet, sing a wordless tune, sigh as if the world depended on it, listen deep and dream. A participatory song by Shoshana.

The Magic Tree
Elephant, cheetah and monkey can't outwit slow moving turtle who remembers a wise woman's song that you'll never forget. Based on a Bantu Tale with original rhymes and melody by Shoshana.

Stop the Train
This upbeat action song provides a breathtaking segway for discussing active transportation (walking, bicycling, transit and train riding, carpooling, scootering, swimming, flying...)

When Wren Ruled the Birds
Brain trumps brawn in this spirited Irish myth collected by Gary Ferguson.

And More!
Shoshana's repertoire is ever expanding. Ask for her latest story adventure or make a special request of your own.

Discussion Topics, Workshops and Storycatching Opportunities

Stories from the Tree of Life
Practice the art of spiritual storytelling with Shoshana, indoors and out, during full day or evening workshops.

Explore how everyone can be a storyteller and a storycatcher
Find out how to awaken the teller, and catcher, of tales within.

Ask questions to your heart's content
Shoshana will do her best to answer your most curious queries or check with her best sources and get back to you, im yirtzeh Hashem (God willing).

Additional Materials

Story recording links, flyers, original texts, "From Here Let Peace Begin" musical score, "Can You Spy the Signs" Treasure Hunt PDFs, and curriculum materials for Hanukah or "The Spirit of the Colquitz" available upon request.

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